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Infringement of your intellectual property rights can result in a significant financial loss. When you have an original idea, you need an organized, aggressive and determined lawyer to ensure that your best interests are protected. Unless the proper steps are adhered to, you can compromise your rights as the creator and diminish the value of your idea. If you are an individual or small-business owner in need of intellectual property assistance, contact me, Virginia intellectual property attorney Dale Jensen.

Imagine & Create: Protect Your Inventions

Inventing is not an easy feat, but it can seem so in comparison with the lengthy and complex legal process that follows. First and foremost, you need a skilled attorney who can run exhaustive patent searches on your behalf. Only by conducting this search can you be sure your idea is indeed unique. If it is, then the process can truly begin.

With over 10 years of experience in patent law, I can be your intellectual property advocate and help you patent your best ideas. I represent a wide range of clients in Virginia, including the Charlottesville metropolitan area. My experience and past success mean you can count on me for cost-effective and nuanced advice.

I can also help you with your business law concerns. Call today to find out more.


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