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Unmatched Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property is at the core of many businesses. Most business owners hire intellectual property and business attorneys to assist with critical company matters. With the increase in computers and technology revolutionizing the business world, the role of an intellectual property attorney is expanding. In the modern age, a highly-qualified intellectual property and business lawyer needs a heightened awareness of the ever-changing business laws and how they affect the clients they represent.

About Intellectual Property Violations

Intellectual property is that which is derived from the work of the mind or intellect, and may come from a trademark for a brand, a symbol, or words. It can be a patent for an original creation or a new process for a recent innovation. Or, it can be a copyright, which is typically issued for physical representations of ideas such as screenplays, books, manuscripts, and similar written items. Trade secrets produce competitive advantages made possible through new methods, processes, recipes, and ideas. Intellectual property can help build a prosperous small business or corporate empire. Therefore, business owners need to protect it by hiring an intellectual property lawyer.

Intellectual property may be violated. Other people or businesses may sell or steal a trade secret or copy a copyrighted work. They may recreate and sell an item protected by a patent or design a business using another’s trademark. When these kinds of issues happen, intellectual property attorney lawyer Dale Jensen, PLC can seek action against the perpetrator.

This action might be taken through litigation that seeks compensation for the appropriated work, product, idea, etc. Or, a Cease and Desist order might be obtained through the court if a simple request or letter has not helped to remedy the situation. Furthermore, as part of business oversight, an intellectual property lawyer may also prevent the owner of a company from violating other intellectual property laws and protections.

About Dale Jensen, PLC

As an intellectual property and business law firm, Dale Jensen, PLC is crucial in such matters. With over 35 years of meticulous advocacy, zealous representation, and practical experience, we represent our clients to the fullest extent of the law. Our goal is for you and your business to have representation you can count on to protect and prevent your intellectual property from being violated and keep operations running smoothly and profitably.

Dale Jensen, PLC is an intellectual property (IP) law firm. Intellectual property attorney Dale Jensen, PLC represents institutions, corporations, and private individuals in licensing, assigning, and/or enforcing all types of trademarks, copyrights, and patents. We work with private individuals and businesses to defend and enforce their intellectual property. We also defend against claims of misappropriation or infringement in a variety of forums.

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    Infringement of your intellectual property rights can result in a significant financial loss. When you have an original idea, you need an organized, aggressive and determined lawyer to ensure that your best interests are protected. Unless the proper steps are adhered to, you can compromise your rights as the creator and diminish the value of your idea. If you are an individual or small-business owner in need of intellectual property assistance, contact me, Virginia intellectual property attorney Dale Jensen.


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