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Companies, such as ours, who endeavor to provide consummate, compassionate and caring customer service during and after the COVID-19 crisis share efforts with the rest of the world to further enhance marketing and sales. 

We have found that the most credible and compelling ways to share experiences and support our clients is to develop thoughtful leadership articles, blog posts, lifestyle videos of our staff and attorneys, and social media content to show you who we are and document appreciation and respect for those who keep us in business.

We are all learning lessons from COVID-19.  We are adapting and becoming mindful of what our priorities are to navigate in this world at this time.  The spotlight is shining on the importance of treating people with respect all of the time – when times are good, when times are bad and everything in between.  

Lawyers, like an estate planning lawyer from Silverman Law Office, strive to provide top shelf client service and believe that this will sustain us through this crisis.  It is our primary focus and we will see our clients through with empathy and compassion.  This supports all of us serving you as we are all clients in one way or another.  

If we fail to show up, please tell us.  We want to know and we want to make it easier for clients to communicate concerns, problems and questions and receive prompt, competent client service.  Keeping clients happy is the most important job we have.  As we have learned during this crisis, dealing with issues candidly and completely is the game changer.  

Our ongoing pledge is to try to reach out to offer help and support to clients before they even ask for it.  You are our most treasured asset and we will honor that standing in every way we can.  Doing right by our clients.  By doing so, we can only hope that our clients, their businesses and families will build loyalty and longevity with our firm.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you.  

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