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What Companies Should Know About Business Litigation

Business litigation refers to any noncriminal legal dispute in which one or more businesses are involved. Conflicts can arise between two or more businesses or between parties within the same business. There may also be legal issues raised by employees and customers of a particular business. Some legal disputes can be resolved outside of a trial using settlements, mediation, or arbitration. Other times, a business may have to litigate the issue in court. A business litigation lawyer can help companies resolve these and many other legal conflicts, as explained by the experienced legal team at Eric Siegel Law.

Causes of Dispute

Many aspects of owning and operating a business involve contracts. These legal agreements define relationships not only within the business but also between the company and all the people who interact with it such as vendors, clients, customers, contractors, investors and more. Breach of contract, in which the terms of one of these agreements are violated, is one of the most common causes of legal dispute that leads to business litigation. Interpretation of contracts can be complex, particularly if there is ambiguous language in the original document. Companies should work with an experienced business litigator who can protect them from the many types of breaches of contract, including:

  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Violation of employment contract
  • Issues with nondisclosure agreements
  • Unauthorized resale or manufacture
  • Business-to-business disputes

Business litigation lawyers can assist companies who have suffered from contract violations and also advise businesses on their existing legal agreements to help avoid conflicts in the future. Furthermore, they can defend companies who are alleged to have breached contracts themselves.

Paths to Resolution

Not all cases involving business litigation need to go all the way to trial. A lawyer with experience in the area of business litigation can help a company figure out the most appropriate strategy for resolution. Solving an issue outside of court can save time and resources for all parties involved in the conflict. Business litigators can often settle legal disputes by diffusing a charged environment and talking through a situation with the parties involved. Sometimes these cases will proceed into formal mediation, and the situation is discussed with a mediator until an agreement can be reached. Any company that goes into mediation should have a business litigation lawyer representing their interests. Some cases may also involve arbitration before a panel. Contracts might have arbitration clauses that direct contract violations towards arbitration rather than litigation in court. Arbitration can be more expedient than a trial, but it’s still beneficial for companies to have an experienced litigator on their team.

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