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Q: I’m just getting started in business. Do I need a business attorney?

A: When you’re starting a business is the absolute best time to start working with a business lawyer. In fact, it may be crucial.

Q: Why do you say getting started now is the best time? After all, I’ve got plenty of expenses already.

A: Yes, starting a business does cost, but so do many of the problems that the right business lawyer can help you avoid completely. Of course your actual exposure to legal problems depends on what kind of business you’re starting. But we’re in favor of the ounce of prevention avoiding a pound of problems approach. Our friends at The Kaplan Law Practice may help you understand more about what you’re looking for.

Q: How do I start finding the right lawyer for me?

A: One of the best ways is to Google the type of business lawyer you want in your area. Read through several websites. Check any testimonials they may have posted. Finally see if they offer initial consultations.

Q: What else can I do?

A: Don’t rush your selection process. As you’re working on locating a handful of attorney’s who interest you, start a log of the questions you want to ask each one.

Q: Can I ask attorney’s for references?

A: Of course you can and you’ll probably get at least two or three. Be sure to contact each one. Listen closely to how they respond and don’t be afraid to ask more questions. 

Q: When should I ask for a meeting?

A: As soon as you’ve boiled your list down to two or three choices, set up your meetings with each. Remember to take your questions in writing along with you, and be sure you understand how you will be charged. Another question to ask is something like “If we decide to work together, how will we proceed?” You want to get a sense of how the first 90 days or so will actually work.

Q: I’ve been in business for some time now and need to replace my current attorney. How do I do that?

A: You’ll essentially follow this same procedure.

Q: How do I get rid of my current attorney?

A: Go carefully here. If you’ve got a contract, be sure you read it. Try having a discussion first to figure out if the damage can be repaired. If not, do your best to part in as friendly a way as possible. Work to get an agreement about your parting in writing. 

Q: Is there anything else I should know?

A: Yes, realize that although a lawyer can be important to you, and you know he or she has put in a lot of time and probably a lot of money in getting prepared, they are just like other people and come in all sizes and all personalities. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. You’re not expected to be an expert in law – they are and it’s their job to make as sure as they can that you not only understand what they are suggesting, but they need your approval before they can act.

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