Civil litigation allows parties to resolve legal disputes that are non-criminal in nature. Commercial litigation is a type of civil litigation concerned with issues related to business and commerce. These lawsuits may involve one or more companies in a dispute with one another or with consumers, clients, employees or shareholders. Running a business is a complex enterprise with many opportunities for legal vulnerability, from hiring and managing employees to making safe and effective products to meeting shareholder expectations. A business dispute lawyer in Virginia from Dale Jensen, PLC can help businesses navigate these complex issues and many more. Here are three types of business disputes that commercial litigation can help resolve.

Insurance Disputes

Businesses often have various insurance policies to protect them during situations like property loss and interruption of business. Suppose a company is seeking coverage for a claim, but the insurer is refusing to provide coverage. In that case, there may be a legal dispute between these two parties, and a commercial litigator can help the business resolve these issues. The insurer may cite a breach of policy or demand further proof from the company. There also can be ambiguity and differences in the interpretation of policies. Business dispute lawyers with experience in insurance disputes can advise business owners on how to handle these complex scenarios and help them to avoid headaches and further disputes.

Fraud Disputes

Fraud refers to deception and misrepresentation of facts, either by omitting crucial information or making false claims. In a commercial setting, fraud might involve misleading claims about a product or service, intellectual property issues, or even fraudulent concealment by one or more business partners. A business dispute lawyer can help a business respond to any instances of fraud it encounters. Also, a lawyer may defend a company if allegations of fraud are brought against it, minimizing the potential for damages. Finally, a business can work with an attorney to review their contracts and business agreements to help the company avoid future instances of fraud. It’s important to have experienced legal counsel who can assist with fraud-related disputes as these can sometimes be difficult to prove.

Shareholder Disputes

For corporations, disputes involving shareholders may necessitate the services of a lawyer. This is especially true for closely-held corporations in which five or fewer people own the majority of the outstanding stock. Shareholder disputes sometimes involve a breach of fiduciary duty, meaning that obligations and expectations were not met by a party in a relationship defined by a high degree of professional loyalty and responsibility. Minority shareholders may also allege shareholder oppression if they find themselves in opposition to the actions or plans of the corporation and the majority shareholders.

If your business has encountered a legal dispute or would like to avoid future legal troubles, contact Dale Jensen, PLC today to assist. Lawyers are standing by waiting to assist with whatever needs that your business has when it comes to legal disputes.

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