Litigation lawyers are also known as litigators or trial lawyers and they are typically going before court in civil lawsuits. Litigation lawyers in Virginia such as the ones available at Dale Jensen PLC are going to be able to help you manage all phases of the litigation from the very beginning to the very end.

Litigation lawyers have to have experience, but what kind of experience do they have and need? Here are the top 5 things to look for in your litigation lawyer.

You want your lawyer to have the ability to communicate in the way that you understand communication best.

If you have a good case or you have a case that is winnable, you need to ensure that your lawyer is someone you can work with. You need a lawyer that communicates in a way that you understand best, communicates clearly, and knows the objective of what the communication is for in the objective of the case.

Your lawyer should be persuasive.

Any litigation lawyer in Virginia is going to have to have the skills to convince the judge, client, jury or another part of the council on any type of issue that comes up. Our persuasion is an essential part of hiring a lawyer, whether your lawyer is going to be trying to persuade the opposing side that your story is true or your case is stronger than it actually is, it doesn’t matter as long as they can do it.

Your lawyer needs to possess interpersonal skills.

Your lawyer must have honed interpersonal skills because while this is not unique to the law, it is extremely important that your lawyer, over most other professions, has the skill. A litigator spends most days talking or in meetings, and they need to be good at determining which distinct set of interpersonal skills each relationship they visit and talk to needs.

Your lawyer must have negotiation skills.

While the vast majority of cases are never going to appear before the jury, your lawyer needs to have the willingness and the negotiation skills on the chairs your case does go to trial. If you’re at a trial, you want a lawyer with negotiation skills was confident in their abilities.

You need your lawyer to have a clearly explained fee system.

Because lawyers cost so much money, some of the most common complaints from customers and clients of lawyers is that compensation is very hard to understand. So before hiring a litigation lawyer in Virginia, you should ask about their compensation system. Oftentimes it is most simple to explain clearly and put it in writing so that the client has something to refer back to. Ensuring that your client understands how they are paying you and how much they are paying you and how that is done, is going to ensure that your client leaves happy after you win the case.

Reach out to a litigation lawyer in Virginia today for all of your litigation needs.

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