One of the most challenging issues that businesses and creative individuals face in a legal context involves contentious intellectual property concerns. Perhaps someone has infringed upon your well-established intellectual property rights. Or perhaps you have been accused of infringing upon another’s rights. Either way, it is vitally important to speak with an attorney as soon as you can. The consequences of a contentious intellectual property challenge can be financially, practically, and creatively catastrophic. Being as proactive as you can will help to position you to win.

If you have been accused of unintentionally infringing upon another’s intellectual property rights, do not despair. There are many legitimate defenses to such unintentional conduct. It is possible that your situation may be remedied successfully by allowing our team to communicate with your accuser’s attorney. If not, we can build the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

If another has infringed upon your intellectual property rights, we will craft a legal strategy that meets the needs of the moment. Whether you simply need the infringer to desist their conduct or you are in a position to pursue significant compensation as a result of your harm, our legal team is prepared to do what needs to be done.

Oftentimes, working with an attorney proactively allows business owners, inventors, and creators to avoid legal troubles. However, there are—unfortunately—times wherein matters related to business and/or intellectual property become contentious no matter how much an individual company or creative individual tries in earnest to plan ahead. When legal troubles arise, understand that you don’t have to navigate them alone. The experienced litigation team at Dale Jensen, PLC is here to help.

Litigation Lawyer – Virginia

A Virginia litigation lawyer is someone who is well-versed in navigating the ins and outs of contentious legal matters. Unlike attorneys who primarily draft estate planning documentation, prepare uncontested divorce petitions, and file patent applications, litigation attorneys strategize and execute strategies designed to win contentious legal “battles.” While a great deal of litigation is settled before it ever reaches the ears of a jury, if you’re facing a contentious legal matter, you need a litigator on your side who understands how to win in court. That way, if your legal issue does reach the ears of a jury, your attorney will be prepared to win that jury over.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If a legal problem has arisen or you anticipate that one may manifest in the near future, do not hesitate to book a risk-free consultation with the experienced Virginia legal team at Dale Jensen, PLC. When facing a potentially contentious legal challenge, you need to have a lawyer by your side who will aggressively defend your interests and pursue the most favorable outcome possible under the circumstances. Our firm takes great pride in approaching litigation with a dedicated, knowledgeable, respectful, and (when necessary) aggressive approach. We look forward to speaking with you about your litigation needs.

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