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I am a dedicated intellectual property and business law attorney based in Staunton, Virginia, serving the greater Charlottesville area. I am licensed by the state bar associations of Virginia and Massachusetts, as well as the United States Supreme Court, the federal U.S. District Courts of the Eastern District of Virginia and the Western District of Virginia. I possess sufficient legal, scientific and technical knowledge to practice effectively. Indeed, I was a member of the legal team that attained the largest patent false marking award in history.

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It takes extensive knowledge to practice law correctly. Even before I was an attorney, I was a registered patent agent, drawing on the knowledge I gained while acquiring my MBA from East Tennessee State University in 2002. The next chapter of my career began after I received my law degree from the University of Virginia. Given my familiarity with and background in patents and intellectual property, my practice areas of intellectual property protection and business law were natural avenues to pursue. My MBA allows me to cite real-world examples and focus on the big picture when I advise clients on business organization and change matters.

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