Business Formation Lawyer Virginia

Business Formation Lawyer Virginia

Business Formation Lawyer Virginia- gavel with briefcaseIf you are preparing to merge with or acquire another business, this can be a difficult process. You should not attempt to take this on by yourself; you need the assistance of a skilled business formation lawyer in Virginia. Your lawyer will help with countless tasks, ensuring that you and your business are protected throughout the process. In addition, he or she will make sure all regulations and applicable laws are adhered to.

What is a business merger?

A business merger happens when one business believes it will gain a competitive advantage by merging with another. This could be beneficial if the company being targeted has unique assets or important trade secrets that would be too expensive for a company to develop on its own, or a company may be looking to secure a larger share of the market. Whatever the reason is, mergers need to undergo a thorough vetting process which can take at least a couple of months to complete.

What does a business formation lawyer do?

A Virginia business formation lawyer routinely helps clients who are looking at a possible merger. In these cases, our attorneys can help with the following tasks:

  •     Deciding on a business entity: Once you determine the long-term goals of your company and weigh all the regulatory, tax, and personnel aspects, our attorneys will help you decide which business entity (partnership, LLC, corporation, etc.) is the best for your business situation.
  •     Financial documents: You need someone to help draft, negotiate, and review the financial documents to ensure you are getting the most favorable terms and conditions in the deal. Without an attorney, you could find yourself agreeing to less than ideal terms.
  •     Drafting contracts: Your attorney will also prepare and review all contracts and agreements related to the merger. These documents can include letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, stock and asset purchase agreements, consultant agreements, employment contracts, and more.
  •     Performing due diligence: Your attorney will perform the necessary due diligence in order to complete the merger without any additional problems. This can include verifying that environmental compliance and regulatory requirements are followed, completing a risk assessment, performing financial and tax planning, determining cash flows, and looking for any hidden expenses.
  •     Handle disputes: The reason to hire an attorney before the merger is to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly and that no disputes arise. If you fail to verify that all parties’ legal rights are satisfied, you could wind up with a shareholder or partner dispute. These can be costly and sometimes devastating to a company. Avoiding these before they begin is one main benefit of having a Chicago business attorney on your side.

Using a Business Attorney After Your Merger Is Complete

Once your merger is complete, you now have the benefit of an attorney on retainer who can help you with your future business needs. We can provide legal help as you negotiate new contracts and ensure everything is in line with your business model. Contact a Virginia business formation lawyer from Dale Jensen, PLC to schedule an initial consultation. Let us assist with your merger and any other business law needs you have.