Business Formation Lawyer Virginia

Business Formation Lawyer Virginia

Business Formation Lawyer VirginiaIf you are in need of business advice, don’t hesitate to call a business formation lawyer in Virginia from Dale Jensen, PLC right away. As soon as you start building your own business, you are sure to hear different kinds of advice from those around you. But, most of all, it will probably come from those who don’t actually know too much about running a successful company on their own. If you search the internet trying to find information on how to get going on your business, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The best thing you can do is not over analyze or over complicate your journey, and instead hire a lawyer who can guide you along the way.  

Here are examples of questions that new business owners often ask a member of our team during a consultation:

What business structure should I pick?

Prior to launching a business, you must pick how you want your business to be structured. If you do not formally create a business entity, your business will be considered either general partnership or sole proprietorship. By law, you and your business will be the same entity, so if the business counters debts or a lawsuit, you are liable personally for these obligations. Furthermore, it’s important to assess your options and choose carefully because this pic will impact how your business is managed, owned, and taxed.

What should I know about picking a business name?

You may already have some ideas about what name you’d like for your business. But, you must consider any potential legal problems prior to ordering business cards and signs. Each state has rules about the names that you can choose for a new business entity. And you cannot pick a name that another business already has.  In addition, it’s risky to pick a name that may infringe on another business’s trademark. If you think you will want to trademark your business name, then you’ll have to pick one that meets criteria for trademark protection. A Virginia business formation lawyer from our law firm can explain these rules and further detail and help you research your options.

How can I reduce the risks as an employer?

There are state and federal employment laws that apply to your business. You may risk penalties, fines, or litigation if you do not understand the laws that you have to be in compliance with.  There are also state laws you must abide by that relate to things such as minimum wage pay. If you will be employing people for your business, it’s advised that you get insight from a lawyer knowledgeable and business formation as soon as possible. 

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Creating and launching a new business is a very exciting time. It is important to understand the laws that affect your business, and how to prevent potential issues from arising. A business formation lawyer in VA from Dale Jensen, PLC Is ready to speak with you today about your business formation.