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Litigation Lawyer VAVirginia Litigation Lawyer

Nowadays, many Virginia attorneys and law firms are reluctant to go to trial. Even when presented with actionable patent infringement, for example, they choose to avoid the expense and uncertainty of intellectual property litigation altogether. There are many business situations, however, where litigation is the best avenue for achieving the client’s goals. If you need a Staunton litigation attorney, you can turn to me, Dale Jensen, PLC. With six years of experience in both simple and complex litigation, I will not hesitate to take your case to court when necessary. Focusing On The Big Picture For YouThe law office of Dale Jensen, PLC, represents clients in Virginia, including the Charlottesville metropolitan area. When I take on a new client, my first priority is always to resolve the issue through milder forms of dispute resolution, such as negotiation. Only after exhausting these alternatives will I litigate. This is due to the long-term negative impact a trial can have on a client’s business relationships. I consider it my duty as a lawyer, before advising any client to begin a lengthy court process, to do everything possible to reach a more amicable resolution. Sometimes, however, an amicable resolution is simply not an option.Effective And Cost-Effective LitigationI can manage the litigation of your case from start to finish. I am well-organized and dedicated to superior client service. Contact my firm, Dale Jensen, PLC, with all of your business law litigation concerns. I can be reached at 434-465-6493, or you can email me.