Business Litigation Law Firm Charlottesville, VA

Business Litigation Law Firm Charlottesville, VA

Business Litigation Law Firm Charlottesville, VA

As a business owner, you take every step you can think of to protect your company’s interests. You install surveillance and alarms to protect against intruders. You have sprinklers installed to protect against fire. You have insurance to protect against other types of losses. But have you taken all necessary steps to protect against a possible lawsuit? Consulting with an experienced Charlottesville, Virginia business litigation law firm may help you in a host of ways, including handling any situation should you find yourself in that involves a lawsuit with another individual or company. Depending on your company’s unique challenges, an experienced Charlottesville, VA business litigation lawyer from Dale Jensen, PLC can also help you and your business navigate the following common challenges (in addition to a host of others, related to your company’s distinct needs.)

Employee Laws

A Charlottesville, VA business litigation law firm can help to ensure your company complies with wage/hour and anti-discrimination laws, as well as safety regulations and other employment-related challenges. Wrongful termination would also fall under this category, as would labor disputes that arise from union workers or at-will professionals. Similarly, legal professionals who focus on business and corporate operations can help companies navigate any lawsuits or legal challenges arising from employment issues. You don’t want your employees to put you in a situation that damages your reputation or destroys you financially. 

Regulations and Lawsuits

Businesses are regulated by thousands upon thousands of governmental restrictions and more are being put into place every day. Your Charlottesville, VA business litigation law firm can help you keep track of all the regulations that are required of your company, as well as assist you in implementing them and responding to any alleged violations.

If your company is named in a lawsuit because a customer or client was injured as a result of using your services or products, a Charlottesville, VA business litigation law firm can help you navigate the situation. Your company could end up in court, but an attorney will do everything possible to settle outside of court, if that is what your company wants. In either case, this situation could damage your reputation, which a lawyer can help you repair as well.

Real Estate

Whether you are dealing with a premise liability case or a dispute with your landlord, corporate litigation covers real estate issues. Depending on which way the case turns, your lawyer can direct you in regard to what to do with your business while waiting for a resolution to the issue at hand.

Seeking Assistance Today

Dealing with corporate litigation and the other ins and outs of business-related legal vulnerability are not something you should attempt on your own. Contact our firm today to learn more about the legal corporate world and what you can do to ensure your company stays safe.