Intellectual Property Law Firm Charlottesville, VA

Intellectual Property Law Firm Charlottesville, VA

Intellectual Property Law Firm Charlottesville, VA

If you are a startup, you might be on a limited budget. Hiring a patent lawyer from an intellectual property law firm in Charlottesville, Virginia may not seem like a priority, and you might feel tempted to cut corners by filing your own patent. Yes, you can prepare and file a patent on your own. However, is that a good idea?

As a patent lawyer might explain, many startups are founded upon technology and intellectual property. Both can be the most important assets, and should anything happen to either, the entire company could collapse. Therefore, it is prudent you consider a patent lawyer from a Charlottesville, VA intellectual property law firm.

Do You Really Need a Patent Lawyer?

Not all creations need to be patented before entering the marketplace. Not every business needs a patent to succeed. That said, patents do act as a fundamental business tool, and they are often worth pursuing if you’ve created something that can help you to gain a competitive edge or that has a strong commercial value. In general, the value of a patent largely depends on your creation, it’s specifications, the type of startup you run, and what your valuable assets are. 

When it comes to startup companies and patents, most IP-centric companies who consider their technology and intellectual property to be the most valuable should consider a patent. A patent could be one of the best, if not only, ways to keep competition from dominating the market or overtaking your potential growth. If your startup is not centered around intellectual property, and rather, relies on infrastructure or customer relationships, a patent might not necessarily be needed. In any case, you should contact a Charlottesville, VA intellectual property law firm for a consultation. 

Benefits of Hiring a Patent Lawyer for Your Startup

Patent lawyers can be invaluable partners. Whether you are unsure about filing for a patent, are ready to get started, or just need help with navigating the process, a patent lawyer may be able to help you. 

You Can Make Use of Your Time

Many startups not only have limited money, but they also have limited time. You can count on a patent application taking many many hours to complete. If you don’t have any knowledge of the process, this time will be significantly more. The savviest startups and entrepreneurs have understood that hiring a patent lawyer can save them time, money, and any potential for a mistake to happen.

You Can Prevent a Mistake from Happening

If intellection property is the cornerstone of your startups’ success, you should want to protect it to the best of your ability. Trying to save money in the short term could result in a costly consequence. In general, a mistake made during the patent process tends to be irreversible. Even the USPTO recommends hiring an ip attorney Charlottesville, VA businesses depend on because a very high percentage of self filed patents will not meet the strict criteria. 

Investors Will Take You More Seriously

If your startup will be fundraising money, you can expect investors to ask about a patent. They may want proof you’ve begun to patent your intellectual property, as well as verification that your patent is viable and strong. A patent lawyer can provide any prospective investors with added peace of mind that you are serious about your startup. 

Good Ideas Can Fail the Patent Application Process – Call a Patent Lawyer for Help Now!

If you are a startup and interested in patenting your technology or intellectual property, please call Dale Jensen, PLC, the intellectual property law firm Charlottesville, VA clients recommend.