Commercial Litigation Lawyer Charlottesville, VA

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Charlottesville, VA

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Charlottesville, VA

Owning your own business can feel like a heavy load to carry, especially when facing financial challenges. Before closing your doors, or making attempts to save your business, it’s a good idea to contact a Charlottesville, Virginia commercial litigation lawyer from Call Dale Jensen, PLC to discuss your options. You will want to take the time to carefully consider whether filing for bankruptcy is the right option for you. There are a number of signs that may indicate that exploring bankruptcy may be a good idea, including: 

  1. You are unable to pay creditors and are concerned for your personal assets
  2. Your cash flow problems are not going to be rectified any time soon
  3. You have considered other options and bankruptcy is the only solution
  4. There is not a demand for the goods or services you are offering
  5. There is too much competition in your community
  6. Unforeseen crisis in your business
  7. You have lost large accounts or a number of your clientele
  8. You are unable to pay your employees and vendors
  9. Your accounts are overdrawn
  10.  You are facing foreclosure or eviction

When considering bankruptcy, contact a commercial litigation lawyer in Charlottesville, VA who can review your situation and can offer you advice that you can trust. Here are some key reasons to contact a bankruptcy lawyer if your business is struggling:

Reason #1: You Don’t Know What to Do

Facing financial challenges with your business can be terrifying. You may feel all alone, or as though you have no one to turn to. You may even be completely unsure of what your options are. A Charlottesville, VA commercial litigation lawyer can help by reviewing your situation and providing you with the guidance you deserve. 

Reason #2: Bankruptcy Can Be Complicated

Filing for bankruptcy for your small business can be more complicated than you realize. Chances are you are looking to reach a resolution as quickly as possible. Being able to put your financial troubles behind you can come with a significant sense of relief. However, should you make mistakes on paperwork, you may have to start the process over again. Help avoid this by working with an experienced commercial litigation lawyer in Charlottesville, VA. 

Reason #3: You Are Being Harrassed by Creditors

If you owe money, creditors can be relentless. They are looking to collect the money that may be owed to them. You may get incessant calls from creditors attempting to settle your debts. Your lawyer can help you navigate this process. The sooner that you file for bankruptcy, the sooner the automatic stay can begin. Once the automatic stay takes effect, efforts from many of your creditors must come to a halt. This gives you, your lawyer and the trustee assigned to your case the opportunity to move through the bankruptcy process and settle as many of your debts as possible. 

Reason #4: You Need an Unbiased Opinion

Talking to family and friends about the challenges of your business can be loaded. This is because everyone will have an opinion about what you should do with your small business. Some may suggest that you keep your doors open while others may push for you to close your business. A Business Litigation Lawyer Charlottesville, VA business owners trust can provide you with legal advice that not only looks out for your best interests but is based upon their professional review of your case. This can ensure that you are accessing options that do not have any hidden motives. 

Many may believe that filing for bankruptcy means you have to close your business down forever. In many cases, filing for bankruptcy may actually give you the ability to keep your doors open. However, before making such a significant business decision, you will need a commercial litigation lawyer in Charlottesville, VA clients recommend who can review your specific situation and advise you on the best way to proceed. For more information about bankruptcy for your small business, contact Call Dale Jensen, PLC as soon as possible.