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Intellectual Property Licensing AgreementsCopyright Infringement Lawyer Charlottesville, VA

Having a great invention, idea, or creation can be advantageous; however, it needs to be commercially protected. In doing so you also can assist in maintaining and releasing its value. Each copyright infringement lawyer at our firm understand the laws, rules, and complexities of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Not only have we helped thousands of people register their intellectual property, but we have also guided them through the licensing process to ensure the commercialization of the idea is recorded in the most viable and appropriate manner, such as a licensing agreement. To learn more, please call Dale Jensen, PLC.

How a Charlottesville, VA Copyright Infringement Lawyer Can Assist You

Our intellectual property services are broad and include:

  • – Researching and filing for a patent, trademark, or copyright
  • – Drawing up confidentiality agreements for potential licensee’s
  • – Drafting license agreements
  • – Arbitrating or litigating breach of agreements or infringements
  • – Advise on relationships between parties involved
  • – Access your situation and recommend options that best protect your interests

Our team of copyright infringement lawyers has extensive experience in this area of law, but are also well versed in technical and practical issues which may be at the core foundation of your intellectual property. This knowledge sets us apart from other firms and can be an asset to your IP, your rights, and monetary interests.


What Is a Licensing Agreement?

A licensing agreement for any piece of intellectual property is a contract between the owner of a certain IP and another party. The owner (licensor) grants permission for the use of their IP to a party (licensee), as set forth by any provisions laid out in the contract. In return, the licensor will generally receive royalties, or an agreed to sum of money.


Benefits of Licensing Intellectual Property

There are many benefits to licensing your intellectual property, but not all agreements will result in a profitable or desirable outcome for the licensor. Prior to signing any legal agreement, you should first make sure the prospective licensee has the necessary resources, time, and dedication to take your IP to a new level. Once this is confirmed, advantages to licensing IP include:

  • – You avoid high manufacturing or distribution expenses
  • – You can get the most from your creation, invention, or idea
  • – Your product can be released to the public in a timely manner
  • – You reduce your risk against any potential losses


Licensing Tips to Keep in Mind

As a licensor, you will want an agreement that gives you valuable results now and in the future. Unfortunately, many licensors make mistakes which affect their IP and royalties. Consider these tips to help you make the right decisions:

  • – Avoid underestimating the capital or investment needed
  • – Don’t underestimate the true value of your IP
  • – Remember that this is your IP and it gives you some leverage
  • – Don’t sell in unauthorized channels
  • – FInd a licensee who understands your objectives
  • – Get advice from a copyright infringement lawyer


A Copyright Infringement Lawyer You Can Count On

Whether you already have registered your patent, trademark, or copyright, or are ready to get started, the lawyers at Dale Jensen, PLC can help. To schedule a consultation with a copyright infringement lawyer Charlottesville, VA clients recommend, call our office today.