Copyright Infringement Lawyer in Charlottesville, Virginia

A Copyright Infringement lawyer in Charlottesville, Virginia from Dale Jensen, PLC knows just how important intellectual property rights are. When another party has encroached upon your copyright, it can have an adverse effect on everything you have built. If you have created or written something that was copied or used without your permission, then you are considered a victim of copyright infringement.

As an ip lawyer Charlottesville, VA creators and entrepreneurs trust may tell you during a consultation, you have the right to take action if a person has used your work unfairly. We can work with you and give you advice on how to seek compensation or arrive at a remedy for the violation. 

Definition of a Copyright

The intention of a copyright is to protect the intellectual property of artists and creators. The most common forms of intellectual property that are vulnerable to being wrongfully copied are books, poems, plays, short stories, literary works, theses, choreography, motion pictures, song lyrics, sound recordings, musical compositions, sculptures, drawings, computer software, photographs, radio broadcasts, and television shows.

Whenever a person creates such works, it is afforded copyright protections automatically. However, a VA Copyright Infringement lawyer in Charlottesville may suggest registering your work so you can receive several benefits, such as:

  • Provides you with a registration certificate
  • Creates a public record of your copyright
  • Allows you to collect damages from a party who commits copyright infringement of your work

How Copyright Infringement Happens

When a party uses a copyright owner’s work without their expressed consent, it is viewed as a copyright violation or copyright infringement. A Charlottesville Copyright Infringement lawyer understands how upset you may be to see that someone has copied something you created through your own hard work. Being copied in this sense is surely not flattering, and pursuing statutory damages from the offending party may be needed. Please contact a VA Copyright Infringement lawyer at Dale Jensen, PLC immediately if any of your rights have been violated: 


  • Right of Distribution: you have the right to showcase your work by selling it, displaying it in public, lending it, or leasing it. 
  • Right of Reproduction: you have the right to reproduce your own work in any form that you so wish. 
  • Right to Derivative Works: you have the right to change your work so that a new creation can be developed.
  • Right of Public Performance: you have the right to play, dance, act out, or recite your work. 
  • Right of Public Display: you have the right to showcase your work (or a copy of it) directly to members of the public, including work on the internet. 


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If you believe that another party has stolen, wrongfully copied, or otherwise intruded upon your work or creation, then it is time to consult with an experienced attorney. Please call us right now to speak with a Virginia Copyright Infringement lawyer at Dale Jensen, PLC to learn more about how we can be of help to you and learn about your options in seeking compensation from the at-fault party.