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intellectual property lawyer Virginia

Working with a Virginia intellectual property lawyer should be one of your first considerations for your business or organization. Intellectual property is imperative to the success of a business, and ensuring its protection should be one of your top priorities. Dale Jensen, PLC Law Firm, has experience working with business owners with intellectual property they need to protect. Intellectual property is highly valuable, and our firm knows that you will have questions about IP and the process for moving forward. We are happy to answer your questions to make a well-informed decision about what happens next. 

How do I know if I have intellectual property worth protecting? 

Some people may not even realize they have IP that needs protection. Not understanding what you have in your possession could impact a business, especially if it is not safeguarded. Working with our firm can be the best place to start. We will review your business and work closely with you to understand any IP you may possess. We will compile your intellectual property and offer guidance regarding the appropriate steps to safeguard it. 

What is intellectual property, and why is it essential for the success of my business? 

Intellectual property is an intangible asset that business owners have in their possession. IP is an invention or work that someone has produced; they include copyrights, patents, and trademarks. These may be written works, logos, symbols, slogans, trade secrets, and more. 

Why is federal registration so necessary? 

Federally registering your trademark, patent or copyright can ensure that your IP is protected and allow for legal measures to be taken should you pursue an infringement lawsuit. Federal registration is something our Virginia intellectual property lawyer can assist with. Federally registering a copyright takes about a month, while registering patents and trademarks can take up to two years. 

How long will my intellectual property be protected for? 

Keep in mind that your intellectual property will only be protected for a limited period. Timeframes can vary depending upon the IP. While a patent will be protected for twenty years, trademarks and copyrights may be protected for a much more significant time. 

Why is an intellectual property lawyer needed for the protection of intellectual property? 

A legal professional with intellectual property experience may be a pivotal component in protecting your intangible assets. Our lawyer will review your business’ IP, value its worth and work to develop agreements to protect it. Additionally, we will make sure that your IP is unique and can work to register it federally.  

To set your business up for success, it’s in your best interest to work with a lawyer who will work tirelessly for you. Dale Jensen, PLC Law Firm, will be your most prominent advocate, ensuring that your rights are protected and your intellectual property is kept under lock and key. Whether you are determining how to protect your IP or are dealing with infringement issues, we are here to help. Start taking control of all you have worked so hard to build by reaching out to our Virginia intellectual property lawyer to schedule your first appointment. 

Virginia Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property is an asset to those who are in possession of a valuable intangible product, which is why it needs to be protected with the help of a Virginia intellectual property lawyer. For many business owners, intellectual property can be foundational to a company’s success. Some businesses have based their entire success around an invention, which at times, is what brings consumers in search of their products. When a person has a new creation or innovation, it’s crucial to safeguard it. This process has several components, depending upon the type of intellectual property the business has. Unfortunately, when proper care is not taken to protect IP, several issues may arise, and in some cases, the invention may be at risk. It’s essential to have an experienced lawyer from Dale Jensen, PLC, to develop strategies to ensure that your creation or ideas are protected. 

Understanding the Types of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is intangible assets owned by a person or company that, when properly protected, ensures that others are unable to use these assets without its owners’ permission. IP can be highly lucrative for businesses because business owners can financially benefit in the long term. Intellectual property can come in many forms and are typically categorized into a few different components. Our Virginia intellectual property lawyer can share that the following are common types of intellectual property:

Trade Secrets: are valuable information that is often by a company and sold to consumers. To protect trade secrets, all involved must sign confidentiality agreements to protect them. Some of the most well-known examples of trade secrets include KFC’s secret recipe, Coca-Cola’s recipe, McDonald’s recipe for Big Mac sauce, and more. 

Copyrights: protect the work of the owner. When a person creates something, they are the owner of the work they have created; however, to ensure their protection, owners must register copyrights. A copyright can prevent people from reproducing, distributing, performing, or showing the work without permission. Most copyrights are created by authors, artists, and those with a creative mindset. Typical examples are music, artwork, books, movies, photographs, and more. 

Trademarks: are words, phrases, or symbols identifiable to a specific brand or company. Trademarks are imperative to companies because they are often why consumers seek goods or services from a business. When someone copies a trademark, they may confuse consumers into purchasing their product under the guise that it is another well-known brand. Common examples of trademarks are luxury brands (Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton), food chains (McDonald’s, Chili’s, Burger King), technology (Apple, Google, Facebook), and more. 

Patents: gives exclusive rights to the person who invented a particular product. Patents can allow a person to make and sell their specific design. The process of patenting can be complicated because creators will want to make sure that their invention has not already been patented before. A lawyer will play a pivotal role in researching patents to ensure that the creation is unique and not currently a licensed patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

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The value of intellectual property can be astounding, and it’s essential to secure it from competitors. Dale Jensen PLC has over 35 years of experience and extensive knowledge of intellectual property laws. To learn more about how our firm can meet your needs, schedule a consultation with our Virginia intellectual property lawyer as soon as possible.