Partnership Disputes Attorney Charlottesville, VA

Partnership Disputes Attorney in Charlottesville, VA

Partnership Disputes Attorney Charlottesville, VA

A partnership disputes attorney in San Francisco, California understands that strong partnerships are key to setting up a business for long-term growth and success. Business owners put in a lot of time and money to start a new company. Finding business partners that are trustworthy and committed to your business’ potential can be a long and complex process, and often involves a lot of back and forth negotiations to arrive on terms that work for each party. When conflicts occur among partnerships, it can threaten the future of a business. 

Solutions need to be reached quickly to prevent any threats that may hinder a company, and in some situations a lawyer may be able to provide guidance. If you need legal assistance for a business dispute case, contact a trusted business attorney such as one at Dale Jensen, PLC now to explore your options. 

Partnership Disputes Attorney in Charlottesville, VA

Entrepreneurs may consider business partnerships if they have specific goals and values that can be best achieved through a collaboration. Partnerships can be beneficial for advancing business development. However, problems can occur early on in the partnership, or before they are even made official. Maybe there was a last minute contract change, or a violation of a nondisclosure agreement occurred. Whatever the situation, an experienced lawyer can review the case and make suggestions for the next course of action. 

With legal help from a reliable business attorney, you can work together so that you can make steps towards reaching a positive outcome for your business partnership. If you are experiencing issues with your partnership, a lawyer can provide objective third-party guidance that aims to propose appropriate solutions which have the interests of both parties in mind. 

Reasons You May Need a Business Attorney

There are a range of scenarios that may necessitate the need for legal intervention, as a business attorney in Charlottesville, VA can explain. After evaluating your case, they can put together a new partnership agreement with updated terms, providing more detailed information and guidelines about how your business will be managed moving forward. Common reasons you may need a business attorney include:

  • Partnership disputes. Disputes regarding management may occur if one party decides to move in a different direction regarding how the business should be run.

  • Partner misconduct. One partner has engaged in misconduct outside of work that has violated business agreements, harming the company’s profits or causing other problems that affect your ability to run the business.

  • Breach of fiduciary duty. The term fiduciary duty refers to the obligation that partners must act in each other’s best interests. An example of a breach of fiduciary duty is if one partner decides to pursue business opportunities without the other’s knowledge.

  • Ending the partnership. When issues in a partnership become irreconcilable, the partnership may have to be dissolved.

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If you are a business owner experiencing a partnership dispute or other related issue, contact a qualified partnership disputes attorney trusted in the Charlottesville, VA area now.