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Common Questions Regarding Patent Law

If you have an idea or invention, one of the first things you should consider is whether it’s necessary to protect it with a patent. Failing to do so could have a significant impact on your right to the invention you have created. When considering a patent, it’s only natural to have a number of questions. Working with a Charlottesville, Virginia patent attorney can provide you with the assistance you need to successfully navigate the process.

What are common reasons patents are needed?

If you have an invention, it’s only natural that you may have worry that your intellectual property could be stolen or otherwise compromised. A patent can provide you with protections from this occurring so that you are able to capitalize from your invention. Patent law gives inventors the right to own their property exclusively. A patent can provide an inventor with the assurance that their creation or invention is protected from others who may misuse it. Your patent has the ability to safeguard your invention by protecting you from other individuals and/or companies who may be interested in taking interest in your invention for their own gain.

Why do I need a patent?

If you have an invention or creation that should be protected, it’s important to have a basic understanding of patent law in order to secure these protections successfully. A Charlottesville, VA patent attorney has the ability to help people to ensure that legal protections are in place for their inventions. A patent provides you with legal rights that may ensure that your invention is protected from those who would seek (either intentionally or unintentionally) to infringe upon your work. Protecting your invention with a patent is key when you have developed a product because:

  • -Your patent gives you the legal right to the invention you have created
  • -Protects your invention once you have filed a patent
  • -It has the ability of producing a return on your product should you seek to commercialize your innovation

Working with a Charlottesville, VA patent attorney can be beneficial by helping you to complete the process of completing a patent so that your invention is protected, and you have the ability to capitalize upon it.

Why should I enlist the help of an attorney?

You may be able to complete a patent without the help of an attorney, although the process is both time-intensive and notoriously complex. However, a Charlottesville, VA patent attorney has the ability to help ensure that you have covered all of your bases and that your petition is in the best possible position for success. A patent lawyer can help you to protect your creation, which is key when you have worked so hard to develop your product. Enlisting an attorney can help you to:

  • -Have the peace of mind you need to ensuring that your invention is protected
  • -Provide you with the experience needed for a strong patent
  • -Manage the challenges that stand to arise with the patent process
  • -Help you to prepare your patent application

Have you created something that needs legal protections? The team at Dale Jensen, PLC has the ability to protect your assets so that you can capitalize upon your creation. Please contact a Charlottesville, VA patent attorney today for help in moving forward with the process of officially patenting your product.

If you have created a new product, you might want to talk with a Charlottesville, Virginia patent lawyer from Dale Jensen, PLC. For years we have been securing patent and patent licensing for a broad range of clients. If you wish to protect your financial and creative interests, filing for a patent could be a smart decision. To learn more, please call today.

What is a Utility Patent?

A utility patent is the most common type of patent used to protect new creations or inventions. A utility patent, that is new, functional, and non obvious, may be granted for:

  • -Machines
  • -Devices
  • -Business systems
  • -Manufacturing processes
  • -Chemical compounds
  • -Compositions of matter
  • -Improvement on an earlier patent creation

Utility patents account for nine out of ten approved patent applications, as a patent lawyer in Charlottesville, VA can explain. They are extremely valuable and should not be misunderstood. In order to qualify for a utility patent, the examiner must find that the creation is:

  • -Useful: Your creation should have a purpose and properly be able to carry out that function
  • -Novel: The creation should be new. It cannot exist in another patent.
  • -Nonobvious: The creation should not be obvious to a reasonable person.

This element of a patent application is very important; however, if not done right problems could arise. Apart from being denied a patent altogether, if you put more items into a claim than need be, it may be easier for a competitor to get around your patent. Although you can file for a utility patent on your own, it  is not advisable and could cost you a lot of money, time, and other losses.

The Importance of Utility Patents

A utility patent is not the same as a design patent, as a Charlottesville, VA patent lawyer can explain. The later covers the look of an invention or product. Design patents do not protect the function of a creation, generally do not protect against product variations, and likely will not offer wide spread protection. A utility patent is meant to teach other people and encourage innovations from the original invention. It describes how systems or other creations could be made from the patent.

By having a utility patent, the holder will:

  • -Have exclusive rights to the patent
  • -Be able to prevent others from manufacturing, selling, or using the creation
  • -Have control over the importation of similar/same inventions from outside the U.S.
  • -Be able to pursue legal action if there is an infringement

Reasons to File for a Utility Patent

  • -You want to license your patent to another party or parties
  • -You want to improve a current product
  • -You want to protect you creation, but may not be ready to earn money with it

Reasons Not to File for a Utility Patent

  • -You want to patent the look or appearance of a creation
  • -You don’t intend on protecting your creation or patent
  • -You don’t have the money to file for a utility patent

Regardless of the aforementioned reasons that might be applicable to you, it is recommended that you seek consultation from a qualified patent lawyer in Charlottesville, VA. It might be possible that feasible solutions, that pertain to your circumstances, could exist. To schedule a complimentary consultation with a skilled Charlottesville, VA patent lawyer, call Dale Jensen, PLC today.