Shareholder Dispute Lawyer in Charlottesville, Virginia

A shareholder dispute lawyer in Charlottesville, Virginia at Dale Jensen, PLC understands that few issues are quite as damaging to a business as a shareholder dispute. Finding a resolution so that the shareholders can continue working together smoothly sometimes takes help from an experienced legal professional who has negotiation skills and knowledge of business. The best defense against a dispute with a shareholder is to have a properly drafted agreement in place from the very start. If you are interested in making changes to an outdated agreement or drafting a completely new document, we can certainly help you with that too.

A Business Litigation Lawyer Charlottesville, VA business owners trust can provide assistance for various shareholder disputes, including but not limited to: direction of the company, management, personal problems that are interfering with business, fiduciary misdeeds, conflicts of interest, and more. 

Fiduciary Misdeeds

Shareholders of a corporation have fiduciary duties to one another, whether they are employed by that business or not. At the very minimum, shareholders must deal with each other with an honest and open manner, while remaining loyal to the company. This is also true for majority shareholders when dealing with minority shareholders. Shareholders who have conflicts of interest, such as holding back crucial financial details from other shareholders, can result in complicated disputes. If this sounds like a dispute you are trying to resolve, do not hesitate to contact a Virginia shareholder dispute lawyer in Charlottesville right now for guidance. 

Breach of Shareholder Agreement

A breach in shareholder agreement must be handled promptly and with support from a legal professional who has long-term experience dealing with these issues, such as a Charlottesville shareholder dispute lawyer at Dale Jensen, PLC. Examples of breaches that can happen include one shareholder wanting to terminate an agreement against the preferences of all other shareholders, or a shareholder selling their share which violates terms in the agreement. 

Direction Disagreements

A more common reason that shareholder disputes arise is due to not agreeing over the direction of the company. This happens more often in closely-knit small family businesses. As your VA shareholder dispute lawyer in Charlottesville may explain during a consultation, if decisions are made regarding the direction of the business without consulting with shareholders, it can trigger a backlash. Other choices that can turn into disagreements include letting go of non-shareholder workers, big purchases, moving the business, or outlay of capital. 

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Shareholder disputes can cause friction and even interfere with everyday business operations. We understand that finding a resolution is likely your top priority, and that you want the matter to be solved before it can worsen. Please contact Dale Jensen, PLC today to get the help you need from a VA shareholder dispute lawyer.