Small Business Law Firm Charlottesville, VA

Small Business Law Firm Charlottesville, VA

Small Business Law Firm Charlottesville, VA

Even as a small business owner, you are considered to be an entrepreneur. You have many roles, and part of them will be to build a product or service and sell it to your target audience. As good as you might be in this kind of role, you may have limited knowledge when it comes to the laws related to small business operations. Even if you do have a general understanding of starting a business, do you know how to win a dispute or lawsuit? Chances are that you don’t, and no matter how many episodes of Suits you have watched, the odds of you being able to win a case without a small business law firm Charlottesville, VA residents recommend to help you, are slim. The point is, if you take your small business seriously, you will, at some point, need to think about retaining a lawyer you can trust 

Small business lawyers work closely with entrepreneurs to establish the foundation of a business, solve disputes, purchase companies, draft contracts, and represent you in a court of law. A Charlottesville, Virginia small business law firm can be at your side when you and your business depends on their knowledge and experience to overcome a obstacle in your way. If you are in the Charlottesville area, there is one small business lawyer who stands out from the others, and that is Dale Jensen, PLC.

For years, Dale Jensen, PLC, has proudly served men and women who were the owners, partners, and/or shareholders of a company. With decades of experience, our small business law firm in Charlottesville, VA has accumulated extensive knowledge that sets us apart from other firms in the greater area. If you would like to know more about our services and whether or not we can help you, call us today. 

When to Consider Retaining a Charlottesville Small Business Law Firm

A law firm for small businesses has the ability to find solutions for a broad range of issues. One of the most common reasons people seek out a business lawyer is because a dispute has arisen. A dispute can arise for any number of reasons; however, up to 50 percent are in relation to a breach of contract. In general, it is not possible to handle a business dispute without a small business law firm in Charlottesville, VA on your side. Whenever you find yourself in a business dispute, and the fate of your business lies in the balance, you should want the best legal advocate on your side. You should want Dale Jensen, PLC.

Starting Your Small Business

Apart from dispute resolution, many people utilize the assistance of a business attorney Charlottesville, VA individuals and partners can rely on when they are starting a business. Even if your product or service is great, you will need to register it with the applicable government entities. You will also need to draft documents that discuss how your company is run, and who is a part of it. An employer identification number will also be required.This number will allow you to open a business bank account, take out a business loan, pay employees, and file taxes. Starting a small business is actually a monumental task that requires a solid understanding of many laws and rules. A small business law firm in Charlottesville, VA can help to take some of the weight of your shoulders. For a consultation, please call Dale Jensen, PLC.