Trademark Registrations Charlottesville, VA

Trademark Registrations Charlottesville, VA

Trademark Registrations Charlottesville, VAIf your company has created intellectual property designed to promote your brand, it’s important to schedule a consultation with our firm concerning trademark registrations Charlottesville, VA business owners count on the experienced Virginia legal team at Dale Jensen, PLC to safeguard their intellectual property efficiently and effectively. It would be our honor to assist your company with its legal needs as well.

Is Registering a Trademark Worth the Hassle?

You may be wondering whether it’s really necessary to formally register a trademark related to your brand. After all, registering an intellectual property can be a bit of a hassle and can cost some money upfront. Especially if your business is small and local, you may be tempted to “skip” the trademark registration step and simply utilize your intellectual property for whatever limited purposes serve your brand. This approach is understandable but inadvisable. Not only does a failure to register your mark leave your intellectual property vulnerable to infringement, it leaves your business (and possibly you personally, if you’re a sole proprietor or you help to run a partnership) vulnerable to liability from others seeking to use your mark.

Imagine that you’re having an ordinary day at work when a process server arrives and presents you with papers letting you know that you’re being sued in violation of using another company’s registered mark. Even though you’ve been using the mark for longer and your brand is well-established and associated with that mark, fighting this trademark infringement lawsuit will cost you a great deal of money and will cause you a great deal of stress. This is just one of the many reasons why it’s important to speak with an experienced IP lawyer Charlottesville, VA business owners count on and to do so quickly if you’re using unregistered trademarks. Going through the registration process now can save you resources and headaches down the line.

It’s additionally important to point out that the entire purpose of a trademark is to legally safeguard an image, word, name, graphic, or other tool used to promote your brand. Failure to protect your mark may lead to consumer confusion in the marketplace and the dilution of your brand power as a result. You work hard to promote a brand worth preserving. Taking time to protect your mark will serve that critically important business aim.

Legal Assistance Is Available

Our firm Dale Jensen PLC understands that Virginia business owners have better things to do than to dig into the “legalese” associated with trademark registration efforts. Consider allowing our firm to handle the legal “heavy lifting” associated with trademark registration on your behalf. That way, you can focus your energy where your company needs your attention most while simultaneously allowing us to protect your brand. If you haven’t yet connected with our firm to schedule a risk-free, confidential consultation, please do so now. Charlottesville, VA trademark registrations aren’t to be approached lightly – rest assured that we won’t approach them lightly on your behalf; we look forward to speaking with you.