Virginia Litigation Lawyer

What Can Litigation Lawyers Do?

justice scales and legal booksLitigation lawyers are lawyers who represent corporations, companies, businesses, individuals, and more in civil legal conflicts. Businesses and corporations tend to have a lot of legal obligations, both to people within the company and parties outside the company as well. As such, businesses need legal representation to protect the company from legal conflicts and pursue the company’s interests. A corporation could be the plaintiff or the defendant, depending on the situation. Litigation lawyers have experience resolving a wide variety of disputes on behalf of their clients. Consider reaching out to one from Dale Jensen, PLC to assist with a possible legal battle that you or your company may be facing.

Here are three important things that a litigation lawyer can do for their clients. 

How Do Litigators Defend Clients From Conflicts?

Litigation lawyers defend their clients when a lawsuit is brought against them and might try to resolve the situation and reach a settlement out of court. Another option for litigation lawyers includes alternative forms of conflict resolution such as mediation or arbitration to avoid a costly trial that can be time-consuming and damaging to the company’s brand. If necessary, a litigation lawyer in Virginia will also represent their clients in court and fight for them. For example, a corporation may need a litigator to defend the company from disputes such as employment discrimination suits, regulation issues and negligence claims.

How Do Litigators Pursue Legal Interests?

Litigation lawyers are also responsible for pursuing the legal interests of their clients when situations that call for legal action arise. Contract violations, encounters with fraud and intellectual property issues are all possible reasons a corporation, individual, or business might need to act as the plaintiff against another party. Litigation lawyers are responsible for preparing documents and filing complaints with the court. If the case proceeds, they can serve as a representative for their clients during the trial. Protecting the legal and financial interests of the client should be the primary objective of a litigator.

How Can Litigators Prevent Future Disputes?

Lawyers with litigation experience also play an essential role in defending companies from future legal conflict by assisting with and reviewing all the contracts and other legal agreements into which their clients enter. Vague or incorrect language in a contract can create legal vulnerabilities for a company. On the other hand, properly constructed contracts clarify the relationships within a corporation or business and ensure the fairness of a business’s interactions with other parties. A litigator will know how to create legally sound new agreements as well as identify the potential for disputes in older contracts. Avoiding legal conflict is crucial for guarding the resources and reputation of any corporation or business. Many companies turn to litigation lawyers to assist with their contracts and to represent them in court when needed.

Every corporation should have a legal team that includes litigation lawyers experienced at defending and protecting their clients’ legal and commercial interests. Reach out to Dale Jensen, PLC to get the help you need for your litigating purposes.